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Lighting is a key area when it comes to designing your new home or office space. Not only do you need to consider what areas need lighting, you need to consider how this will change through the day and through the year.


Different lighting scenes are required for watching TV, dining, working, relaxing and partying. Many rooms now have 10 lighting circuits or more. The only way to accurately set scenes is by using a lighting control system. All our lighting solutions can be integrated into existing audio visual installations therefore further reducing control equipment and multiple switches.


With energy saving and security features, there are sound financial reasons why you should include lighting control in your project. Lighting control systems also operate electronic drapes and blinds at the touch of a button.


Ensure that your family and property are always safe. Choose from hidden home security cameras to expandable, multi-camera kits depending on what you want to monitor. Night vision, weather-resistant, and motion-activated options enhance your home security camera system, giving you every customizable feature you need to get the most from your surveillance set-up. Whatever you're looking to protect, JRIS,LLC offers the best selection of home surveillance systems.

Landscaping Lighting

Liven up your patio or the front of your house by adding landscaping lights.

We specialize in installing new lights or repair of existing lights systems, as well as adding more lights to existing lights systems.

Installation Of Tv Set on wall 

No project is too small.

We Install from one Tv to whole house video switching so you can share all your video sources through the whole house or tv sets in your home.

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